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Shakyo refers to the copying of scriptures in Buddhism and to the scriptures copied.
Its purpose has long been considered for faith, prayer, and charity, but nowadays more and more people are working on Shakyo for the purpose of mental stability.

『十句観音経』“Ten phrases Kannon Sutra”

It was in China that the “Ten phrases Kannon Sutra” became popular, but it was considered a fake sutra (a scripture without a Sanskrit original). In Japan, it was introduced in the early Edo period, but there were rumors of fake sutras, and as it became popular in Japan, sects and monks who started to speak badly appeared.
However, in the middle of the Edo period, it was the famous Zen monk Hakuin who was said to be the founder of Rinzai Munechuko. Shirokage insisted that “Jujo Kannon” actually has a tremendous spiritual experience, so even if it is the work of a writer or a lecturer, it should be highly devout. Shirokaku wanted to say that the merit of the scripture is not in its source but in its heart.

How to read

観世音/Kanzeon 南無仏/Nambutsu
与仏有因/Yobutsuin 与仏有縁/Yobutsuuen
仏法僧縁/Buppousouen 常楽我浄/Jorakugajo
朝念観世音/Chonenkanzeon 暮念観世音/Bonkankanzeon
念念従心起/Nenjushinki 念念不離心/Nennen Furishin  

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Calligraphy Shakyo


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Calligraphy Shakyo

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Calligraphy Shakyo


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