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What is Kazarimaki-sushi?

Ornamental sushi is a sushi that was born from the unique development of one of the Edomae sushi techniques, "crafted sushi," and the Chiba prefecture's local cuisine, "taimaki sushi."
Since the beginning of the Showa era, various crafted sushi have been exhibited as reference exhibits in the world of sushi restaurants at technical competitions.
One of them was sushi rolls with flowers, patterns, family crests, and traditional Japanese classic patterns called crafted rolls and sushi rolls.
Originally, it seems that the family crests and patterns of the customers who are good at it were wrapped. It was especially popular among the craftsmen in Kyoto. There are many exhibited works in the newsletter of the craftsmen's union at that time.
Kazari sushi refers to various creative sushi made at sushi restaurants such as sushi, chirashizushi, maki sushi, oshizushi, and bar sushi.
Kazari-sushi, which adds glamor to event venues and party dining tables, is very pleasing. Kazari sushi is fun to eat and delicious.
"Ornamental maki sushi" refers to thick maki sushi among these creative sushi.
In modern times, we have adopted modern designs with nature as a motif and various designs such as animals and characters that are popular with children, and they are evolving day by day as sushi rolls that are fun to look at and delicious to eat.

Japan Sushi Instructors Association

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For foreigners

The instructor is also in charge of experience classes for foreigners, so you can speak English.


Enjoy at home

You can enjoy various patterns such as traditional patterns, animals and characters.


The charm of kazarimaki sushi

It will last for a long time, so you can enjoy it in various scenes such as hospitality and souvenirs.


Development of kazarimaki sushi

While reflecting the local colors of the whole country such as ingredients and appearance, it is rich in diversity and has undergone transformation with the times.


History of kazarimaki sushi

It has evolved into a modern pattern, and many sushi rolls that reflect playfulness such as floral patterns and animal patterns have been born.


Association establishment

The Sushi Instructors Association has started to promote sushi, which is a traditional Japanese food culture, and to certify skills.


Sushi culture contribution

Senior instructors hold qualification certification courses all over the country and contribute to the excitement of culture by disseminating information at events and in the media.



And every day, a variety of decorative maki sushi designs are born, and when they look good on Instagram, they are bustling with SNS and media.


Spread all over the world

We are shifting to fashionable Japanese urban culture, such as popular models in fashion magazines and celebrities acquiring qualifications.


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