The Local Supermarket Tour

SAKURA Cuisine Class In Kyoto

トラベラーズ チョイス


The local supermarket experience is very popular class!
We offer a small trip to local supermarket in the center of Kyoto where you can learn about ingredients as the same with local people goes to get their food.
After shopping, we take you to our cuisine studio and begin cuisine class.
You can cook and enjoy local food and can taste sake,wine and beer made in local brewery.

Discover what Japanese eat everyday at home!

Gyudon( is used wagyu beef)
Oyakodon(is used free-ranged-chicken and eggs)
Japanese raddish salad with yuzu vinager dressing
Clam miso soup
Asazuke(Japanese easy-making pickled vegetables)
By the end of this culinary experience, you can have understanding of Japanese fresh product about.
*About Wagyu (Japanese beef)
*Free-ranged-chicken in Japan
*Japanese seasonings
*Learn how to find fresh fish
*Taste and learn about three kinds of Japanese miso
* The class menu will be change according to seasonal ingredients.

Minimum number of participants / 2 people