SAKURA Experience Japanese Culture: Tea Ceremony, Calligraphy, Ikebana Classes In Kyoto

SAKURA Experience Japanese Culture

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For our guests worried about coronavirus

Welcome to Sakura Experience Japanese Culture in Kyoto.
Throughout this time, we are continuing to run Kyoto’s most authentic cultural classes.
Your health and safety are important to us.
We are making special arrangements for this month to help you enjoy your time in Kyoto safely.
Tea experience class will be fully private if you book for 2 or more people. We will not share your booking time with other groups.
(The maximum group size for this class will be 4 people)
Tea class bookings for 1 person might be shared, we cannot guarantee you a private class.
For all other classes, your booking will be private for 1 or more people.
This arrangement applies for the full month of March. It may be extended, depending on government advice.
Please enjoy your experience class with confidence.
We can also help with many of your questions about Kyoto, and how to best enjoy your stay while everything is a bit quieter.
We look forward to your reservation!


Do you want an amazing hands-on experience with authentic Japanese culture?

We have all kinds of amazing classes to help you explore different aspects of Japanese culture, in one convenient location.
Come and visit us!
* Our regular classes are open to anyone. We welcome everyone regardless of age, background or disability. We designed our classroom with easy access for wheelchairs and baby strollers.
We can also provide private classes for you and your friends if you wish. Please ask us!

Japanese Culture Course

Tea ceremony experience

Tea ceremony experience (tea)

Sado is more than just making and drinking matcha. Through the experience of tea ceremony, I would like you to know the wonderfulness of various Japanese culture.


Flower arrangement experience

Flower arrangement experience (Ikebana)

Ikebana can feel the change of seasons and add color to the space you spend every day. We will carefully explain the points to incorporate into your life.



Calligraphy Experience (Calligraphy)

By concentrating through calligraphy, you can feel healing. Starting with how to use and move the brush, you can write your favorite characters.


Okoto/Koto music

Koto music experience (koto)

From the koto, which was introduced in China, the koto has undergone a unique development in Japan. Enjoy that beautiful tone. We will teach you carefully so that you can play simple songs within a short experience time.


Kyoto Sushi Course

Kazarimaki Sushi

Kazari Sushi

You can experience how to make a special art sushi "Kazari Sushi" that is not sold anywhere else. This sushi is perfect for parties and gifts.


The TACTO House + Sakura Japanese Culture Experience Collaboration Plan


A Completely Reserved Inn on Sanjo Street in Kyoto!

A guesthouse rated as Super Host on Airbnb Collaborative project with "Takuto House"!
Experience a business trip in your room! It's okay if you have children and babies!
Sanjo-dori is where the good old streets of Kyoto remain. Located at the center of this is TACTO, a completely private inn.


Would you like to experience Japanese culture?

Lesson Format

Private Lesson

Private Lessons

Learn from beginners. Lessons with infants, children can also take lessons.


Group Lesson

Group Lessons

Experience Japanese culture at Kyoto townhouses and temples in the center of tourism.

Group Lesson

Online Lesson

Online Lessons

We also have courses where you can enjoy learning online, such as sushi rolls and flower arrangement.


Experience in a 150-year-old Townhouse

Experience in a 150-year-old Townhouse

Experience Japanese culture in a 150-year-old Kyoto townhouse in the center of tourism!


Instructor Dispatch, On-site Practice, Ikebana Workshop, Tea Ceremony Experience

Instructor Dispatch

Instructor dispatch, business trip practice, Ikebana workshop, tea ceremony experience


School Trip

School Trip

Would you like to experience Japanese culture as a memory of your school trip in Kyoto?


Teachers born in Kyoto will be in charge.

Prof. Reisui Ito: Message

I teach tea ceremony, flower arrangement, koto music, and cooking at "SAKURA Experience Japanese Culture" in Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto.
We have introduced various Japanese cultural experiences to about 4000 customers so far (as of 2020).
Let's learn Japanese culture while having fun lessons!
English is available, so please stop by when you bring guests from overseas.
I would like to secretly introduce you to a recommended shop that I was born in Adachi Hospital in Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City.

Recommended sightseeing around Nijo Castle and Kyoto Imperial Palace

History of media introduction

KBS Kyoto

KBS Kyoto "NEWS FACE" "Kyoto Observation Diary of Taiiku Okazaki", Kyoto Sanjo Radio Cafe "Radio Machiya Juku", etc.
Shiraume Gakuen University, Ritsumeikan University, Osaka Prefecture University Graduate School, Myanmar Yangon Technological University, Chiang Mai University, other universities, domestic and foreign companies, etc.
Tripadvisor [Traveller's choice 2020] [Certificate of Excellence]
Airbnb Experience "World's top class host" "Top 10% of world tourist attractions" etc.
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A member of the Kyoto City Tourism Association (DMO KYOTO), an MBA from the Graduate School of Osaka City University, various corporate trainings, lectures, etc.

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TripAdvisor Reviews


Aya, the teacher taught me flower arrangement and dressed me up in a kimono. She was so professional, warm and welcoming. She and her husband teach many other courses as well like calligraphy, origami, tea, etc. suggest you call and check with them for customized options. Rates are reasonable and totally worth it.
I ended up creating a pretty neat arrangement and understanding the philosophy of Japanese flower arrangement. Loved it and loved Aya, highly recommended.


My daughter and I attended a cooking experience at Sakura. Aya Ito, the owner, and her rock n’ roll husband, were so charming, and we thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on experience of making traditional Japanese street-style food. Getting dressed in traditional Japanese garb was an extra bonus! We could not have asked for more, and we left with a certificate of completion plus recipes. Sakura Experience Japan Culture was definitely a highlight of our trip!


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