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What we’ll do

In my class,You can learn correct brush movements and kanji shapes.
Even if you are new to calligraphy, you will be able to write beautiful letters as well as Japanese student.
You can choose and write your favorite kanji from a lot of options,and you can write it on Japanese round shaped fan(Uchiwa).
After the class,You can bring back your work and you can use it at your home!
I am proudly provide you Japanese Calligraphy as licensed teacher.
Also Our place is certificated by Kyoto City Tourism Association.
I have been learning Japanese Calligraphy since I was 3 years old. Even after the age of 52, I am still being taught by teacher.When you participate in the my class,I will be prepared to answer your questions as much as possible. You can try to make Japanese calligraphy by yourself,and you can wear old style separated -style Kimono (It style has made in Heian period) during your class.
*The duration is about 60min( in total).
*This class is not refundable.
Before you come to our class, please be sure to check the location and time carefully and make sure not to be late.