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Hands-on with Japanese Culture!

Japanese culture has deep roots extending back into history.
When you share this culture with us, you will enrich your journey in Japan.
You will discover a new appreciation for the many encounters you will have on your travels.


Kyoto Nijo Castle Classroom / 京都 二条城教室

Yushian is the special space of yu-project-kyoto. This house is in Nakagyou direction and it was build in 130 years ago.
Their theme is “Entrance is Amusement, Exit is Culture” and activity is for music, movie, art, media and special space for people who active for improve daily-life culture.

Japanese culture experience course


Tea Ceremony (Sado)

Tea ceremony, Sado in Japanese, is a Japanese cultural activity that involves preparing matcha green tea (抹茶) and serving it in a specific traditional way.

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Ikebana (Kado)

kebana, which stands for “living flowers”, is the Japanese art of flower arrangement, which dates back to as early as the 6th century.

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Calligraphy (Shodo)

The art of Japanese calligraphy is known as shodo, which literally translates to “the way of writing.

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Back to nearly 1300 years ago, Nara-era, Chinese Koto and Japanese Koto which seemed to be made in Yayoi-era were combined and gradually refined by people who loved music.

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Using only paper and clever folding techniques, create tiny works of art! From traditional cranes to pretty flowers, the teacher will show you all the tricks.

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