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Angela · July, 2019

I highly recommend this experience for visitors of all ages!! This is such an awesome experience! It truly was special for me and my 7 year old son. We had a great time making special decorative sushi. My son had such a fabulous time and Aya was so patient and helpful. My son was able to participate and finish with some help, but his end product was beautiful and he left this experience so happy! We are so excited to try and make this back home! Before this special experience with Aya, I would have never thought I could make something like this at home, but with her expertise, guidance, and teaching I feel confident that we will be able to recreate and teach the rest of our family how to make our special and tasty flower sushi!!! Thank you Aya!!!

Lisa ·June, 2019

Arya’s class was AMAZING! I can’t recommend her class enough. Had a wonderful experience and left feeling like I can replicate the delicious sushi at home as well as having met a great teacher. Everyone should do this class if in Kyoto. You won’t regret it!

Airbnb booking calendar 1kind Of Art Sushi Roll Cooking Class


What we’ll do

(schedule on the class day)
Meet in our place
Putting Kimono(We have Kimono for women,Samue for men,Dougi and Yukata for kids)
Explain about today's class detail
Learning to how to make Art Sushi Roll
:1kind of flower patterned roll sushi
Have&enjoy kazarimaki
Art Sushi Roll as known as Art sushi roll in English.
This kind of sushi roll is difficult to make without learning even for Japanese people.
I am sure that you never seen this before if you are foodie or not.
You can see the same pattern sushi roll on some website or books,but it does not help you.
Of course,You can not eat or get this sushi roll in the sushi shop or restaurant.
But! you can make it at your home after the class.
Please come to my hands-on class,
you must be happy and you can make everybody happy when you make it again by yourself!

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