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Free kimono rental and free hair arrangement during the lesson
We have a wide variety of two-part kimonos that are older than the current kimonos.
You can wear it for free during the lesson. We also help with simple hair arrangements.
We also have a lot of flower hairpins, so it will definitely look great on Instagram!

Ornamental sushi course contents



In February, "Seasonal Maki Sushi Lesson" will roll Demon. ️
This time, we will do a "demon" named after Setsubun's bean sowing. ️
The other day, I appeared on the live broadcast of KBS Kyoto Broadcasting "News Face". ️
I made a decorative roll "Oni" named after Setsubun with announcer Satomi Hirano.
Thank you very much. ️
Decorative sushi is perfect for parties ♪ Let's make it fun and eat it deliciously.
In this ornamental maki sushi course, you will learn the basics with one type of ornamental maki sushi.

Ornamental sushi class English lesson

It is safe even for beginners.

Experienced instructors provide polite guidance with a small number of people. Even those who are not good at cooking or beginners will be able to cook.


You can take the recipe home

Two types of SAKURA original recipe booklets, "Demon" and "Shikaimaki" learned in the course, will be presented!
A setting diagram with pictures is also included, so it's very easy to understand!
We also have a diploma with your name on it.
From the day you return, you can roll sushi rolls at home.

Ornamental sushi class English lesson

A commemorative SAKURA certificate will also be presented

Get a SAKURA original certificate!
"Demon" We certify that you have completed one type of decorative maki sushi.

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"Oni" details

theme Setsubun

For meals on Setsubun day!
It's a little self-restraint mood this year in Corona, but let's have a new setsubun at home.
Let's make a "demon" with sushi rolls.

Tuition fee 1 person / 6,600 yen (tax included)

Includes trial lesson fee, material cost, consumption tax, textbook price
* All listed prices include tax.
* The above is the basic charge.
* Prices may vary depending on the schedule, so please see the price list displayed after selecting the schedule.

Number of days taken 1 day (about 60 minutes)

Please meet 10 minutes before the start.
It takes about 60 minutes. Since the settings are made with a margin, if the work is quick, it may be completed a little earlier.

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