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The grave of the Itoh family is in Rinseiji temple, a small one just located behind Hotel Okura Tokyo and the American Embassy.
Hachibee Ito, a well-known wealthy merchant, was specially granted by the Tokugawa shogunate to have a grave of his own with "Kasa" (meaning “a hat”).

History of the Awashima family

Hachibee Ito/伊藤 八兵衛 1813―1878

He was born as the first son of a wealthy farmer, Zenzo Uchida in Ogaya village at Kawagoe in Musashi Province (Present Ogaya in Kawagoe city of Saitama prefecture). At the time of the Meiji Restoration he donated to the government the amount of money of 50 thousand ryo (said to be about several hundred million yen) while the Mitsui did 30 thousand ryo. It is also said that he buried a stone jar containing 700 thousand ryo of old gold and silver coins. Yuki, his eldest daughter, was the wife of Count Takanashi.
Kaneko, his second daughter, was the wife of Eiichi Shibusawa, a Minister of Foreign Affairs. Kiyoko, his third daughter, was the wife of Kazusuke Sasaki, a trading merchant.
Nobuko, his fourth daughter, was the wife of Count Minagawa.

Masatake Ihee Ito/伊藤伊兵衛政武 1676-1757

Chingaku Awashima/淡島 椿岳 1824-1890

Artist painter living in the period of last days of the Tokugawa shogunate to Meiji.
He was also known as Chingaku Kobayashi. His former sir name was Awashima.
He was commonly known by Jozo and also having another name as Kichibon.
Kangetsu Awashima, a writer, an artist painter and a collector living in the Meiji period, was a child of Chingaku.
Both of them were known as being free-spirited and having many interests.
Hachibee Ito, a multimillionaire above-mentioned, was his elder brother.

Jotarou Juubee Ito/伊藤重兵衛常太郎 1676-1757

Tomio "Kangethu" Awashima/淡島 寒月 1859-1926

His real name was Awashima. He, Tomio, was an writer, an artist painter, and an antiquary.
His father was Chingaku Awashima above-mentioned.
His first daughter was Kiyou Kinouchi, an educator and also a stateswoman.
His uncle was Hachibee Ito, a multimillionaire above mentioned.
He was well-read and having many hobbies, known as some episodes of reviewing Saikaku Ihara, a writer of the Genroku (mid-Edo) period and introducing Rohan Koda, Koyo Ozaki, etc to the literary world.
He was also known as a collector having as many as playthings and precious materials from the Edo period in his residence of Bonunan, all of which were burnt down at the Great Kanto Earthquake.
Reading the novel titled "I Am A Cat" by Soseki Natsume, you will find a learned man named Kangetsu Mizushima appear in it. This is said to have been named after Kangetsu Awasima and also Torahiko Terada, a famous physicist, is said to be a model for this character.

Jotarou Juubee Ito/伊藤重兵衛常太郎 1676-1757

Kyou Kiuchi/木内 キヤウ 1884―1964

She was an educator born in Asakusa in Tokyo as a child of Kangethu Awashima and Narutoto marry Tatsusaburo Kiuchi.
She was the first woman principal in Japan serving at Shimura Daiichi Elementary School in Itabashi ward in Tokyo from 1931 to 1941. She tried hard to improve the status of women teachers before the war and was elected to be a member of House of Councilors in 1947.