GreetingsSAKURA Experience Japanese Culture In Kyoto



I had opened ROXCY Music School in Kyoto since 2011,and established ROXY company in the same place in 2018.
My wife,Aya opened the Japanese cultural experience class named SAKURA in the same place the summer in 2018.
We have had more foreign students coming in our music school in recent years and we have learned many of them hope to play Japanese tunes as well.
Therefore we have come to think that we would like to introduce foreign people various Japanese cultures, not only Japanese music.
The name of SAKURA has been named from my ancestor, “Ihee Ito”, a garden adviser who was sponsored by Yoshimune TOKUGAWA, the eighth shogun in the Edo period.
He created and developed national flower of Japan, SAKURA.
[Somei-yoshino] that is one of the most common type of cherry tree in Japan and has been cherished by Japanese people.
I assume Japanese cherry blossoms and trees are well known in the world, but by who and how they started are not known so well. If you are interested in it and can afford to have time, it is my great pleasure that you would take a look our website.
Our family history is described in there.
SAKURA provides you the experience classes of various kinds of Japanese culture such as various Japanese cuisine, Kado (Ikebana), Sado (Tea ceremony), Shodo (Calligraphy), Wagakki (traditional Japanese musical instruments), etc.
I think many of foreign guests are supposed to visit Kyoto only for a short time. In such a case you may have very limited time doing what you would like to do and may also feel tired after visiting many different places in a day, which may not be so effective way of doing.
SAKURA is the place to be able to enjoy multi kinds of experience classes in one place!
Of course,you and your friends or families could different experience at the same time,in the same place!
Our place is located in the center of Kyoto.
Please you have enjoy yourselves, fulfilling your dreams,finding something new,and making special memories during your stay in Kyoto.
It is our great pleasure!
We are sincerely looking forward to seeing you soon.
Manabu Ito
Roxcy Company Limited