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The name of "Ihee Ito", one of the gardeners, handed down from generation to generation.
The Ito family worked for the Todo family of the Isetsu domain as gardeners serving inside the castle and moved to Somei in Komagome village in Edo (Tokyo) when the villa of the Todo family moved there.
SannoJoh Ihee Ito (伊藤伊兵衛三之丞) came to be known for his study of flowers, trying selective breeding of azalea to spread them widely, and also for his books such as Kadanchikinsho (花壇地錦抄).
Among the Ito family, Masatake Ihee Ito (伊藤伊兵衛政武 1676-1757) was best known as a great gardener. He studied his father's works further to publish "Zohochikinsho", etc, and classified flowers, developed maples and making them widely known.
He was also favored by the Eighth shogun of Yoshimune TOKUGAWA who left to him
taking care of some prestigious trees grown in the Edo castle.

History of the Ito family

SannoJoh Ihee Ito/伊藤 伊兵衛 三之丞

He was a gardener living in the early Edo period who lived in Somei village in Edo (Present Toyoshima-ward in Tokyo).
・Kinshumakura(錦繍枕) published in 1692
・Kadan-jikinsho(花壇地錦抄) published in 1695
・Kusabana-ezenshu(草花絵前集) published in 1699.

Masatake Ihee Ito/伊藤伊兵衛政武 1676-1757

Masatake Ihee Ito/伊藤 伊兵衛 政武 1676-1757

He was a gardener in the Edo period living in Somei village in the north of Edo (Present Komagome at Toyoshima-ward in Tokyo).
His family line was of gardeners for generations specially having expertise in landscape gardening and growth of flowers and leaving many illustrated literal works of garden plants that were popular in those days.
・Zouho-jikinsho(増補地錦抄) published in 1710
・Koueki-jikinsho(広益地錦抄) published in 1719
・Jikinsho-huroku(地錦抄付録) published in 1733

Jotarou Juubee Ito/伊藤重兵衛常太郎 1676-1757

Jotarou Juubee Ito/伊藤 重兵衛 常太郎 1855-1916

A gardener living in the Meiji period. He was born in October in 1855 to succeed to the 4th Juubee of the gardener in Komagome in Tokyo.
He was famous for his study on primrose and selective breeding of them. He issued "Sakuraso Meikan (桜草銘鑑)" that is, a Primrose directory.
・Sakurasou-meikan (桜草銘鑑) published in 1888
・Sakurasou-meikan-juui(桜草銘鑑拾遺) published in 1899
・Sakurasou-meikan(桜草銘鑑) published in 1907