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Kyoto Flower arrangement experience with unique flowers



Kado is a classical Japanese art of refinement now popular worldwide.
It is believed that kado was founded in Kyoto's Shiunsan Choho-ji Temple (commonly known Rokkaku-do).
Monks at the Rokkaku-do temple were called 'ikenobo' as they lived in a house near the pond.
Eventually the name 'ikenobo' was applied to the style of flower arrangement.
Nowadays flower arrangement is an enjoyable activity for everyone and there are many schools of flower art with various arranging styles and techniques including Western styles.
Flower shops In Kyoto sell various unique plants and flowers you can not see in other regions.
SAKURA offers a flower arrangement experience using native flowers of Kyoto.
Feel the beauty of seasonal flowers through this experience.


SAKURA's original booklet gift!

We also issue diplomas made of washi-paper.


Japanese style scissors and Western style scissors

We provide western style scissors if you are not comfortable with Japanese style scissors.

Flowers can be taken home!

If you are on a holiday trip you can put your flowers in your hotel room and enjoy them until your departure.

One Day Online Ikebana Experience


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One person


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