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Sakura Ikenobo Ikebana Class Kyoto

At the Sakura Ikenobo Ikebana Class, we hold the "Ikenobo Ikebana Class" for practicing Ikenobo Ikebana and the "Ikebana Experience Class" for you to feel closer to Ikebana.

Ikebana and flower arrangement course

Ikebana and flower arrangement experience

Ikenobo Ikebana Class

We offer a variety of courses that are easy for busy people to take.
Classes are taught according to each student's individuality and level.
Even beginners can enjoy practicing from the basics.
Of course, you can also learn elegant classical ikebana and modern ikebana.
Please take the course at your own pace.
Foreigners are also very welcome.

Ikenobo Trial Ticket Classroom

Ikenobo Beginners Lesson Certification Class

Ikebana and flower arrangement class

Ikebana and Flower Arrangement Class

This is an Ikenobo Ikebana class taught directly by an Ikenobo Ikebana professor. I want to gain knowledge of flowers! Get your exemption! Treat yourself with flowers!

Ikebana and Flower Arrangement Online Class

Ikebana and Flower Arrangement Online Class

Why don't you feel the season through dialogue with flowers? Foreigners are also very welcome. Lessons are conducted via Skype or Zoom.

Ikebana Children's Classroom

Ikebana Children's Class

Touching the seasons, talking to nature, and experiencing valuable time as a child will be treasures for the rest of your life.

1 day course

Travelers Choice

Ikebana experience

In Kyoto, flower materials such as branches and leaves that cannot be seen at flower shops in other areas are also sold.
Even if you have a high threshold for trial lessons, you can come to Sakura Ikenobo Ikebana Class just once without hesitation.
This is your chance to try it out and see if it's for your child or yourself! In the Sakura Ikenobo Ikebana class tour, we will give you a lesson on how to arrange flowers that are typical of Kyoto.
Experience ikebana using seasonal Japanese flowers. The flower materials used in the lesson can be cut into short pieces and taken home.

JR Tokai "Let's go to Kyoto"


1 day ikebana experience

Ikebana is one of Japan's traditional cultures, an art that allows you to come into direct contact with nature. Why don't you feel the season through dialogue with flowers?


online lesson

1 day online lesson

From elementary and junior high school students to seniors, we have a relaxing and relaxing time with seasonal flowers.


"Ikebana" taught by Ikenobo Ikebana Professor Reisui Ito, who was born in Kyoto

[Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture] Reimizu Ito

I teach ikebana, flower arrangement, tea ceremony, koto music, and cooking at "SAKURA Experience Japanese Culture" in Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto.
We have introduced various Japanese cultural experiences to about 4000 customers so far (as of 2020).
Ikebana is one of the traditional cultures of Japan.
Not only can you learn about the unique beauty of Japan, but you can also relax your mind surrounded by flowers.
Recently, you can see a lot of ikebana on Youtube etc., but I think it is difficult to do ikebana by yourself at first.
Please take a look at it directly and try to live it. Let's learn Japanese culture while having fun lessons!
English is available, so please stop by when you bring guests from overseas.

About Ikenobo Ikebana

History of media introduction

KBS Kyoto

The media introduction

KBS Kyoto "NEWS FACE" "Kyoto Observation Diary of Okazaki Physical Education", Kyoto Sanjo Radio Cafe "Radio Machiya Juku", etc.
Shiraume Gakuen University, Ritsumeikan University, Graduate School of Osaka Public University, Myanmar Yangon Technological University, Chiang Mai University, other universities, domestic and foreign companies, etc.
Tripadvisor[Traveller's choice2020][Certificate of Excellence]
Airbnb Experience "World's top class host" "Top 10% of world tourist attractions" etc.
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A member of the Kyoto City Tourism Association (DMO KYOTO), an MBA from the Graduate School of Osaka City University, various corporate trainings, lectures, etc.

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About Sakura



The name "SAKURA" is derived from the fact that Ihei Ito, the ancestor of our company president, Manabu Ito, who lived in Somei, Komagome-mura, Toshima-ku, was the developer of somei-yoshino in the Edo period. We are here.
There is also a story that Tokugawa Yoshimune, the shogun at that time, went to Kirishimaya Ihei himself to buy azaleas and wisterias, and also enjoyed tea.
We opened "SAKURA" because we wanted to offer authentic Japanese culture to tourists in Kyoto, the tourist city that Japan is proud of.
Not only can you come into contact with Japanese culture superficially, but regardless of nationality, gender, age, experience or not
We hope that everyone will enjoy the experience and feel wonderful memories and happy times.