Online Class|Sakura Ikenobo Ikebana Class Kyoto

Taught by an Ikenobo-ryu teacher born in Kyoto

Ikebana online class

"Ikebana made with your favorite flowers" online class

Ikebana class you can learn at home!
The material can be any flower you like. Please prepare the appropriate number of flowers of your choice.
Even if you don't have a special vase, I will teach you ideas for ikebana that you can make with containers you have at home.
The lecturer is Reisui Ito, an Ikenobo-style ikebana instructor who has provided Japanese cultural experiences to a total of 3,000 foreign tourists so far.
For foreigners, we will explain in English.

Learn at Home

You can take lessons at your own time without having to go to the classroom.
If you wish, we can also consult with you about obtaining a permit.

Use your favorite flower materials

You can make flowers of your choice, whether they are in your garden or bought at a store.
If you don't know what to buy, please contact us in advance.
We will select and propose flowers that match the season, level, and preference.

Use the tools you have at home!

You can use the tools you have at home!

Even if you don't have special ikebana scissors or kenzan, if you don't use branches, you can use flower scissors and flower foam sold at 100-yen shops!
If you don't have a flat vase for ikebana, prepare a plate large enough to hold water.

Ikebana classroom course


Before class

We will communicate with you by e-mail before taking the class.


Web conferencing app

You need to install a web conferencing app such as "ZOOM".

Online lesson

Internet environment

Please check the internet environment as the amount of communication will increase.

"Ikebana" taught by Ikenobo Ikebana Professor Reisui Ito, who was born in Kyoto


[Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture] Reimizu Ito

I teach flower arrangement, tea ceremony, koto music, and cooking at "SAKURA Experience Japanese Culture" in Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto.
We have introduced various Japanese cultural experiences to about 4000 customers so far (as of 2020).
Ikebana is one of the traditional cultures of Japan.
Not only can you learn about the unique beauty of Japan, but you can also relax your mind surrounded by flowers.
Recently, you can see a lot of ikebana on Youtube etc., but I think it is difficult to do ikebana by yourself at first.
Please take a look at it directly and try to live it. Let's learn Japanese culture while having fun lessons!
English is available, so please stop by when you bring guests from overseas.