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Kazarimaki Sushi Roll Cuisine in KyotoSame-day bookings are available


Kazarimaki is one of the ways of sushi rolls. It is known as the Art sushi roll in English. You can make and eat this special-styled sushi with a fantastic pattern.
Learn how to make cute "Kazarimaki" sushi (decorative sushi rolls). You can make sushi rolls that look like a beautiful flower or make them into a very traditional Japanese look. During this lesson, you will learn about the essentials and trivia about sushi-rolls.
We basically used rice vinegar sugar, sesame, ginger, vegetable and nori (made from seaweed). According to the menu, we used edible pigment in purpose for rice coloring. You can be assured that they are all made from natural ingredients.

Also, we using edible pigment contained from natural things as below.
-Red color is made from red mildew (fermented red rice)
-Blue color is extracted from algae
-Yellow color is extracted from gardenia fruit
-Orange color extracted from Japanese mustard
-Green/yellow and blue pigment extracted from gardenia fruit

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