Sakura Ikenobo Ikebana Class Kyoto

"The 19th Spring Peach Festival Memorial Service"

Rengeo-in Sanjusangendo Honbo Myoho-in Monzeki

Spring Peach Festival Memorial Service

The 19th Spring Peach Festival Memorial Service

I just finished removing flowers from Sanjusangendo "Shuntokai" and came home.
It was a solemn event💓
I asked around the precincts and was photographed by a lot of people (see)
Let me know if you find it in today's news♪
Come back and check Sanjusangendo's official Instagram and see my work I'm impressed 🥺
We have the Kano Shijo school and the Edo school, but this time we will offer flowers in the main hall of the historic Sanjusangendo, so we created a "ring" in the image of Kano Hogai's sorrowful mother Kannon. I wanted to configure it around
The hoop on the flower stand was part of it.
I was debating whether to put it or not, but I decided to put it on the voice of my husband, Tsuru, who helped me carry it in.
I'm glad I participated🌸🌸🌸
There was a loose character in #Sanjusangendo🤣
It was cute😍

Kano Hogai/Hibo Kannon

Sad Mother Kannon


Steel glass
snow willow


Nihon Kadosha
Nekkonetto (clear color)