Sakura Ikenobo Ikebana Class Kyoto

"The 19th Spring Peach Festival Memorial Service"

Rengeo-in Sanjusangendo Honbo Myoho-in Monzeki

Spring Peach Festival Memorial Service

The 19th Spring Peach Festival Memorial Service

I just finished removing flowers from Sanjusangendo "Shuntokai" and came home.
It was a solemn event
I asked around the precincts and was photographed by a lot of people (see)
Let me know if you find it in today's news♪
Come back and check Sanjusangendo's official Instagram and see my work I'm impressed
We have the Kano Shijo school and the Edo school, but this time we will offer flowers in the main hall of the historic Sanjusangendo, so we created a "ring" in the image of Kano Hogai's sorrowful mother Kannon. I wanted to configure it around
The hoop on the flower stand was part of it.
I was debating whether to put it or not, but I decided to put it on the voice of my husband, Tsuru, who helped me carry it in.
I'm glad I participated
There was a loose character in #Sanjusangendo
It was cute

Kano Hogai/Hibo Kannon

Sad Mother Kannon


Steel glass
snow willow


Nihon Kadosha
Nekkonetto (clear color)