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Online Lesson

You can learn Japanese traditional culture "Ikenobo" style flower arrangement in this class.
The history of Ikenobo is the history of ikebana. Ikebana began with Ikenobo and although over 550 years many other schools have branched off from Ikenobo,.
When we sense plant’s unspoken words and silent movements we intensify our impressions through form, a form which becomes ikebana.
We arrange plants cut and removed from nature so that they are filled with new beauty when placed in a new environment.
We can make it simplify, re-create the shape a plant had in nature, and create it with branches, leaves, and flowers.

Group Lessons

Ikebana suggests the forces of nature with which plants live in harmony.
You can be taught from qualified Ikenobo teacher[Reisui Ito]who teaching various Japanese culture for 3000 tourists for long years.


Ikenobo is said to be the origin of ikebana.

People in every era have loved flowers, but our predecessors in ikebana felt that flowers were not only beautiful but that they could reflect the passing of time and the feelings in their own hearts.


Arranging flowers and finding beauty

In flowers-these are linked to a heart that values nature and cares for other people.


Like a poem or painting made with flowers

I am sure that Ikebana makes you feel the beauty of flowers and the beauty of nature in your hearts.

Trial Lesson

*You do not bring tools at the first time.
*You can get advice from the teacher to get the tools for ikebana.
*Trial lesson fee is free (only for the first time:flower material fee (about 1500JPY with tax)