Ikebana Flower Arrangement Class|Sakura Ikenobo Ikebana Class Kyoto

Ikebana Class|Sakura Ikenobo Ikebana Class Kyoto

Living with materials unique to Kyoto

Student flower arrangement class

Flower arrangement class

In a homely atmosphere, we will guide you carefully from the basics. We have a small number of people, so please feel free to come to practice.
In Kyoto, flower materials such as branches and leaves that cannot be seen at flower shops in other areas are also sold.
Even if you have a high threshold to learn a trial lesson, you can come here at “Sakura” without hesitation.
This is your chance to try it out and see if it's for your child or yourself!
Experience ikebana using seasonal Japanese flowers.
The flower materials used in the lesson can be cut into short pieces and taken home.

Children's flower arrangement class

Free reservation system

The beautifully arranged flowers heal people's hearts and give them a sense of happiness through their kindness and purity. The first Ikebana class is a fun class where you can touch and learn about seasonal flowers. The basics of Ikenobo Ikebana are taught in an easy-to-understand manner. Let's get started! We are looking forward to your participation.


Both Japanese and Western scissors available

I'm not good with Japanese scissors,
Or a little scary to let a child carry,
In that case, we have Western scissors.

Ikebana classroom course


Admission fee

5,500 yen
(Tax included / One-day experience students are free of admission fee.)


Lesson fees

3,300 yen
(Tax included / Flower material fee included)

Online lesson


Please make a reservation within the above time, 1 to 4 times a month. Others can be discussed

"Ikebana" taught by Ikenobo Ikebana Professor Reisui Ito, who was born in Kyoto


[Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture] Reimizu Ito

I teach flower arrangement, tea ceremony, koto music, and cooking at "SAKURA Experience Japanese Culture" in Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto.
We have introduced various Japanese cultural experiences to about 4000 customers so far (as of 2020).
Ikebana is one of the traditional cultures of Japan.
Not only can you learn about the unique beauty of Japan, but you can also relax your mind surrounded by flowers.
Recently, you can see a lot of ikebana on Youtube etc., but I think it is difficult to do ikebana by yourself at first.
Please take a look at it directly and try to live it. Let's learn Japanese culture while having fun lessons!
English is available, so please stop by when you bring guests from overseas.