Recommended Japanese Tea Shops

Kyoto is renowned for producing the highest grade of green tea in Japan, thanks largely to its mild misty climate, mineral-rich soil and near-perfect balance of sunshine and rainfall.


一保堂 / Ippodo Tea

Ippodo has been providing the highest quality Japanese green tea for nearly 3 centuries from Kyoto.Their teas are cultivated in the lush fields of Kyoto and the surrounding area.

伊藤柳櫻園 / Ito Ryuouen Tea

This small tea Shop was founded in Ito Katsuji in 1868.
They have been manufactured and sold in the same way since their inception.
Since its inception, it has been known from people who related to tea ceremony and has been connected with the three major tea schools of the tea ceremony and Daitokuji temple which is related to the tea ceremony deeply.