Recommended Japanese Incense Shops

The shops we want to recommend.

香老舗 松栄堂 / Shoyeido Incense Co.

This store opened in 1705 as named [SASAYA]. The incense of this store is used in famous historical places all over Japan.
The first shop owner has applied the court's secret traditions of blending incense that had been previously enjoyed exclusively by royalty. They continues the legacy of their innovative ancestors, offering a wide variety of unique, hand-blended incense. You can see making process for various incense in the factory next to this shop.

鳩居堂 本店 / Kyukyodou

This small tea Shop was founded in Ito Katsuji in 1868.
They have been manufactured and sold in the same way since their inception.
Since its inception, it has been known from people who related to tea ceremony and has been connected with the three major tea schools of the tea ceremony and Daitokuji temple which is related to the tea ceremony deeply.