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Group lesson

Group lessons

When you come to Kyoto, it's a waste to just go sightseeing. Let's experience Japanese culture as well.
In Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, there are various modern and traditional things, and there are historical temples among modern buildings, and there is a Japanese culture experience class in a townhouse.
Tea ceremony and flower arrangement where you can feel the heart of Japan. There must be a lot of people who are interested in it but have a hard time taking the first step because of the formal image. It is a lesson that you can easily challenge in a group.
Why don't you enjoy Japanese culture experience at a Japanese culture experience class in a townhouse in the center of sightseeing?

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Group Japanese Culture Machiya Experience Course

Tea ceremony experience in a group

Group Tea Ceremony Experience

a) Tea room (6 people per session x number of groups take turns.) b) Japanese style room (Maximum 30 people at a time, if more, take turns.)


Flower arrangement experience

Group Ikebana Experience

You can take lessons in a Japanese-style room with a table and chairs. Up to 40 people are possible.