First tea ceremony How to Tea Ceremony

First tea ceremony


1. Prepare a sensu, a few kaishi and a kashiyoji

Prepare a sensu(holding fan), a few kaishi(pocket of paper), and a kashiyoji(sweet pick).
First of all, with your belongings, it is enough to have a sensu, a few kaishi and a kashiyoji as the minimum requirements.


2. Don't become shokyaku and makkyaku

Don't become shokyaku(first guest) and makkyaku(last guest).
A shokyaku is the highest-ranked customer in a tea ceremony, and sits in the top seat, exchanges greetings with the owner on behalf of the guest, asks questions and answers, etc. You need to be a certain person to work.
The makkyaku, who are also close, sit at the very end (sitting) and need to work in various ways, so unless you are skilled in the tea ceremony and you are accustomed to the tea ceremony, you will not work.
So don't be a shokyaku and makkyaku.
Because a large number of people come to unspecified people, they don't know each other's workmanship, so they refrain from giving up their shokyaku, so let's say clearly that it's the first time for a tea ceremony.
In addition, avoid the next guest sitting next to a shokyaku.


3. Imitate people around you

After that, it is all right if the people around me are imitated. You can see from the next page, it will be different if the style is different.


1.扇子、懐紙、菓子楊子を用意する。 持ち物では、最低限必要なものとして、扇子、懐紙、菓子楊子があれば充分です。