For Vegan or Vegetarian guestsSame-day bookings are available

In our cuisine class for Vegan or Vegetarian guests

Japanese meals

For Vegan or Vegetarian guests

We basically used rice vinegar sugar,sesame,vegetable and nori (made from seaweed).
According to menu,used edible pigment in purpose for rice to coloring.
However,please be assured that they are all made from natural ingredents.
Also we using edible pigment contained from natural things as below.
Red/made from red mildew (fermented red rice)
Blue/extracted from algae
Yellow/extracted from gardenia fruit
Orange/extracted from Japanese mustard
Green/yellow and blue pigment extracted from gardenia fruit



Okonomiyaki & Takoyaki Class

We used Dashi soup made from Shiitake(a kind of mushroom) and Konbu(a kind of sea weed).
Also, we are using soybean meat instead of pork for Okonomiyaki.
Depending on your request, you can make your Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki if you do not want to use Cheese dried shrimp, and eggs.
Natural pigments are used for all ingredients, and we do not use chemical ones.
Please feel free to ask your question.